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What People Are Saying

“This is a wonderful way to pray the rosary. By far this is my favorite Rosary podcast. The host, Mike, offers meditations between the decades that are very insightful, and helpful. This is a strong community of faith. ”

Mary Shelden

“Absolutely love this podcast - one of the few that actually does what it aims to do without distractions. The meditations have been great in helping me direct me to different ways of relating to scripture. Thank you for this!”

Damon Wallace

“So much fruit from this podcast!! Great way to learn the faith, learn to meditate and connect with God through the Rosary. I used to struggle to pray a Rosary. Now, we pray it as a family daily.”

Anne Crossett

“I love what Mike Scherschligt has to offer in this podcast. His is truly a work of generous mercy by providing daily meditations in the rosary to elevate the prayer of the rosary from rite recitation to meditative time with Jesus and Mary. Plus the interaction and praying together with other faithful Catholics through the app is very encouraging. It helps be a holy Church in Communion with the Holy Spirit.”

John Gutierrez

“The podcast is a portable way for me to pray the rosary wherever I am 24/7. The meditations focus my mind and open my heart. They are part of my prayer walk and exercise each day. What a gift to be learning, praying, and joining with others on the journey. So often I hear exactly what I need to hear and when making a resolution feel the strength of others on the same path! Thank you HFSF.”

Peg Tichacek

“The meditations are Fantastic! They really are in tune to today's world, and always give me something to really meditate on during the rosary. I also love that it isn't just 1 person praying a rosary and I can join in, but there are others on the audio too, so I actually feel like I am part of a group when I use it to pray with. I enjoy the hosts' take on many different topics and feel like this podcast helps enrich my spiritual life. I highly recommend you try it out. You'll probably love it too!”

Michele Tillapaugh